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Truck Squad [PUBG]

Clay gets sniped from a distance. J wins the un-winnable fight. The Squad needs some fresh gas. Dbatch and Darren go for a swim. Alright alright alright. Supa hot is in the building. PUBG trucks do PUBG things. Then PUBG motorcycles do PUBG things. Colors Orange: Daniel Batchelor aka Dbatch Purple: Justin Wiltse aka J […]

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Sticky Notes [PUBG]

The Squad talks about horses. Darren is a Loot Goblin. Tyler wants to leave a note in the crate. Zac is hype about Nintendo. Clay wants to pass some kindness on. Bruno Mars makes he PUBG debut. Dbatch asks someone to nicely open the door for him. Colors Orange: Daniel Batchelor aka Dbatch Purple: Justin […]

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Staple Gun [PUBG]

Clay tries to do something cool. Christian does a kickflip. Some of the Squad didn’t read patch notes back in the day. Darren takes all of J’s ammo. Last place is our forte. Life is like a box or carton? Darren gets a little dry, Dbatch gets dry back. The Staple Gun is the newest […]

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You Are Da Mudda [PUBG]

Christian has an altercation with someone in lobby chat. Clay starts talking in a strange voice. Darren throws a grenade at an ally. Clay runs from the cooked grenades. Darren and Clay are under fire. J throws a troll at Sprouse. Zac and Darren provide taxi services for J. Clay recounts his life story. Colors […]

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pubg we love sports cover art

We Like Sports [PUBG]

Throwing grenades like it’s basketball. Darren doesn’t know how to aim. Clay gets wasted, then decides to go for a swim. Sprouse is left alone. Rides aren’t free in PUBG. The Black Panther strikes again! Colors – Orange: Daniel Batchelor aka Dbatch – Purple: Justin Wiltse aka J – Blue: Darren Wiltse – Red: Clay […]

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Trial By Combat [PUBG]

Darren is prevented from ascending to his full power of the triple man, but becomes a king instead John Cena and Jack Black make a guest appearance. Russian’s hack into the video. Car shenanigans are abundant, as per usual. Things are touched when we were told not to. J doesn’t know how to cook up […]

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Be The Best [PUBG]

Should the boys take a trip to Rohzok? Friendly fire may be on the menu, we’re not sure. Capitals fans were depressed until recently. Crashing cars might as well be a past time in PUBG by now. Dbatch and Darren are rated on their worth. PUBG physics get in players way. At the end of […]

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