About Toaster Squad

Why TOASTER Squad?

For those not familiar with PC gaming culture, the word toaster probably makes you think about that little box you use to make breakfast. A toaster can also refer to a computer that is agonizingly slow and takes forever to load into games. We adopted the name when one of us referred to our group as the “Toaster Squad” when taking a long time to load a game of League of Legends.

Our Content

We strive to make content that doesn’t have an expiration date. That means all the media we release is created with the intention of it being viewable now, and 20 years from now.

Obviously not everything will be timeless, but we do this in order to avoid creating fluff pieces that seem to be flooding (games) media. The intention is for us to create something that our fans will always enjoy, not whatever will generate the most clicks given a certain news day.

If you feel an article or video ever strays away from this ideal, let us know. We can’t improve without your feedback.

Why Are You Selling TCG Products?

Running a website can be a little expensive. Darren started selling some unused Magic Cards to help fund things. It turned into our revenue stream to keep the metaphorical lights on.