Splish Splash [PUBG]

A class it being taught. The Squad is going to take a bath thanks to ForgotMyPantz. Cars can’t run people over… until they do. Clay isn’t a fan of baths, and can’t talk straight. Pat tries to riff on a song. Sprouse doesn’t care if Clay goes all the way. What do you get with Cheez Whiz and Gunnars? The Squad claims the fight as their own. Darren observe Pat having issues. Splish Splash I’m safe where I’m at. Clay gets stuck behind the counter in PUBG. Clay and Dbatch brag about their old phones. Christian doesn’t know how to drive, or is it the PUBG’s who are wrong? Somehow we win a game.


  • Orange: Daniel Batchelor aka Dbatch
  • Purple: Justin Wiltse aka J
  • Blue: Darren Wiltse
  • Red: Clay Powell
  • Teal: Tyler Sprouse aka Spud
  • Lime Green: Christian Latham
  • Brown: Patrick Albert aka Pat