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The Minutemen EP60: Legends Never Die

We start out this episode with Justin talking a bit about Batman Rebirth vol 7, Super Sons of the Future, and Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 crossover. First topic we discuss the death of our Legend, Stan Lee. Tragic day for comic fans everywhere. Next Pat goes on a rant about the “confirmed” Birds of Prey title. Next we discuss the re-creation of the 1988 DC comics poll about whether Jason Todd should die or not, but they’re doing it for the Titans show on the DC app. Tommy and Justin agree Todd should die or he’ll never learn his lesson. But so far the poll is leaning towards him living and getting worse. Harley Quinn is apparently going to suit up as Batman’s newest sidekick in hopefully a one volume comic. Arkham Knight is going to be cannon with Detective Comics #1000, which really makes no sense. A bunch of DC comics titles have been cancelled recently, including Suicide Squad, was cancelled after issue #50. Lastly the guys talk about their favorite Stan Lee moments.