The Minutemen EP58: Bring Back Bunker

This week Justin talks about Batman: White Knight, Justice League vol 7, Justice League: No Justice, Teen Titans vol 3, and Supersons vol 3. First thing we talk about is Daredevil season 3 and how its the best season ever. Luke Cage and Iron Fist cancellation hits me pretty hard but Im not that upset as long as they keep Daredevil. James Gunn to potentially direct a Suicide Squad 2, or Suicide Squad reboot. Can we get a Dave Batista Bane please? Joaquin Phoenix possibly going to be Bruce’s half brother in Joker movie? Dumb. Alan Tudyk to voice Joker in the cartoon Harley Quinn. Titans episode 2 is out and so far is amazing, loved every minute of the episodes. The releasing one episode a week is excruciating and primitive. Its on a streaming app guys, get with the times and let us binge watch it you Dicks. Lastly we don’t have a tournament for this episode but we’re working on a new one and going to be back with a vengeance next episode!!