The Minutemen EP48: X-tra Time For The X-Men

This week we are without Tommy, he had a little accident. So we carry on without and discuss out comic triumphs. Pat finally finished Justice League volume 4-5. I had to trick him into reading it by explaining they showed Arthur and Mera’s daughter from the future. Our first topic is the cancelled FX Deadpool show produced by Donald Glover. We discuss Avengers 4 possibilities. As well as the future of the X-men franchise. Lastly we cap off with a different Battle of the Gods. Its a gauntlet of 2 squads of 3, one from DC one from Marvel working their way through 4 bosses. First boss is Atrocitus, Second Dr. Doom, Third Venom, and Fourth Braniac. DC squad is comprised of Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Nightwing. The Marvel squad consists of Thor, Wolverine, and Black Panther. Both squads made it to the final round against Braniac, where only have 3 on the team hinders DC and eliminates them. While the 3 man Marvel squad thrives in such conditions and makes it through all 4 bosses.