The Minutemen EP46: Countdown To Infinity War

Today we’re joined by the mystical and rare Pokemon Darrensaurus. He first talks a bit about Rebirth Detective Comics. Pat talks a bit about the new X-men Gold and Blue. Our first topic is some leaked Infinity War toys, possibly spoiling some happenings in the movie. Next obviously everyone is excited Infinity War release date was moved up to April 27th. Some leaked set photos give us a first look at Shazam’s outfit. Kristen Wiig in talks to play Wonder Woman 2 villain Cheetah.  Batgirl movie gets cancelled, and Nightwing movie pushed back 5 years if to be done at all. Pat gives us a run down of whats happening in the current CW shows. New Mutants gets pushed back almost a year. Lastly we cap off with another URF Battle of the Gods.