The Minutemen EP45: Black Panther OG

This week on The Minutemen Tommy talks for a minute about his new Nightwing volumes. Justin talks about Aquaman vol 4, Hellboy 1954, and BPRD vol 1 and 2. Obviously our first topic is a SPOILER review of Black Panther.  We discuss about the upcoming show Krypton and the new images of the villain for the show, Braniac. The Nightwing director expresses his desire to make a mask with white lenses to make it a more comic book accurate mask. The guys go over where they think the direction of DC comics is headed right now with a major overhaul of the comics and teams being split up and forming new teams. Lastly we cap it off with a Standard Battle of the Gods this week with Raven vs Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch wins 2-1