The Minutemen EP43: Lindsey Lohan For Batgirl

After a short break The Minutemen is back with a vengeance this week. Patrick discuss a bit about his rebirth Birds of Prey vol 2 read. Tommy talks about Justice League and Power Rangers cross over comic. Lastly Justin goes over an epic Batman vs Predator comic. Marvel announces no new Netflix shows will come out, they will continue the shows they already have but are exploring other options for their programs. Logan and Guardians 2 got an Oscar nomination. Lindsey Lohan really wants to be Batgirl in the DCEU. Tom Holland rumored to be on the Venom set and cameo in the movie. Gotham City Sirens scrapped to just add Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman to the Birds of Prey with Batgirl. Our character spotlight for the week is Black Lightning. Lastly we round off with another URF Colosseum style Battle of the Gods.