The Minutemen EP36: In A Justice League Of Their Own

This week on The Minutemen, Justin and Pat fly solo, or duo, whatever and jump straight into comic reviews. Pat goes over his recent Rebirth Aquaman vol 3.  Justin reviews Rebirth Suicide Squad vol 3 and Green Lanterns vol 3. First topic we go into is some re-shoots of the Justice League left out all of Iris West’s scenes from the movie. As well as rumored to be 2 end credits scenes with a possibly Green Lantern hint in one. The upcoming Nightwing film is in the works, at least the script is and the director seems extremely passionate about this project. We talk a bit about the Hellboy reboot and a concrete release date. Our Character Spotlight for this week is The Punisher what with the trailer for his upcoming Netflix show just being released. Lastly we have a weird Battle of the Gods this week with a 3 way battle between Avatar state Aang, Dr. Fate, and Dr. Doom. Ultimately we both decided that Avatar state Aang is too op and would win no problem.