The Minutemen EP34: Don’t Listen To Rumors

We are joined by Tommy and Darren this week, Darren talks a bit about Dark Tower series. Pat talks about his Spider-Gwen volume 3 and Gotham Academy finale. Tommy goes into his recent readings of Ultimate Spider-Man. Lastly Justin talks a bit about the Rebirth Justice League of America. First topic today is the Batman DCEU rumor, which was obviously debunked. Talk a bit about the recent Starfire casting. We discuss the reboot of Hellboy, and give a Spoiler free review of The Defenders netflix show. Lastly we cap off the episode with a very heated Battle of the Gods with Superman vs Goku. Ultimately we decide Goku would win 3-0, but we’re talking DBZ Goku, not Super. Super would be no contest, DBZ Goku is at least equally matched with supes.