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Mass Effect Andromeda Let’s Play Part 21 – Puzzles Too Smart

Now that the Kett threat has largely been eliminated on Voeld, it’s time to setup a new home for the travelers from the Milky Way. So Ryder heads to the local monolith and starts to decipher the code and turn the bad boy on. Unfortunately he isn’t able to figure out the puzzle. So he decides to setup the new home anyway. Well the place isn’t warm enough for that yet, so it looks like we’ll be cheating our way through these puzzles.

Every Tuesday, we have a new Mass Effect Andromeda let’s play video ready to be devoured by the internet. Episodes will last approximately 15-30 minutes, feature minimal cuts, and be packed with Andromeda gameplay. This allows the viewer to get the full Mass Effect Andromeda experience alongside Darren. Seeing as Darren has attempted to stay media dark on this game, this play though of Mass Effect Andromeda is almost completely blind.

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