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Castle Crashers Insane Playthrough Part 12 – Need Mo Money

Sprouse is in debt up to his ears right now and can barely afford the red liquid of life, so the brave knights decide to farm him some gold. To go along with the red life liquid are an entree of bees and a side dish of bullshit. The bullshit is comprised of some cone-heads that wield lightsabers and throw mega bombs. Lets leave it at they don’t beat too many levels this time around.

Each and every Friday morning 3, maybe 4, brave knights get together to fight the Evil Wizard’s cronies. This time around Castle Crashers is set to insane forcing us to step up our game. Castle Crashers Insane episode will last approximately 15-25 minutes. As a head up, this is our last planned series with Castle Crashers. So let us know what you’d like to see replace this series when it’s over.