The Minutemen EP29: Carnage In MCU?!?!?!

In today’s exciting episode we’re joined by the man Justin Wiltse, he discusses a bit of his Spider-man/Gwenpool. Pat talks about finishing Rebirth: Supergirl vol 1. Next we discuss a bit about Marvel’s Infinity War and the large scene supposedly premiering in it. Well we got fooled and now the Venom movie is supposed to be MCU and have Carnage as the villain!!!! Then we talk about the Black Panther trailer and Justin’s extra hype for his favorite marvel hero finally getting a movie that he should have had 5 years ago.  Then obviously Pat expresses his hype for a Supergirl cameo in Man of Steel 2. Our Character Spotlight of the week is the glamorous Black Canary. Lastly our Battle of the Gods gets a little heated with Hulk vs Broly. Obviously Broly wins 2-1 because his power is maximum.