The Minutemen EP27: Its All About Injustice 2

This week we’re joined by the Wiltse twins, Darren and Justin aka Travie McCoy. First Patrick gives us his rundown of Rebirth: Birds of Prey volume 1. Justin gives a bit of a rundown of the Rebirth: Wonder Woman volume 2. We immediately go into our rage discussion of a non canon Venom movie starring Tom Hardy :(. Next Pat discusses a bit of his disappointment in the Flash and Supergirl season finales. Then Travie and Pat do their rundown of the Injustice 2 storyline and give their ratings for it. Our Character Spotlight for the week is Starfire, we felt she was an underrated character and deserved the spotlight for once. And we cap out the episode with our Battle of the Gods: Wonder Woman vs She-Hulk. Wonder Woman won with a 4-0 but then again we’re pretty DC biased (Cept for Travie)