The Minutemen EP24: Go Go Power Rangers!!!

This week our charming hosts are joined by the comic expert Thomas Riggs. Patrick gives a little bit of a review of his Iron Fist comics. Tommy and Justin discuss their escapades through the Rebirth Nightwing. We obviously all geek out about the Power Rangers movie and give our reviews. We start a new segment where we break down trailers: this weeks trailer we broke down and discussed Justice League 2 trailer. Discuss a little about the Spider-man: Homecoming trailer. Our Character Spotlight for this week is Dr. Fate. Patrick felt Dr. Fate is a very underrated and underappreciated character and he wanted to highlight some of his abilities and adventures for those who don’t exactly know the character. Lastly we have our Battle of the Gods with Juggernaut vs Doomsday. Ultimately Doomsday won with a 3-0 over Juggernaut.