The Minutemen EP23: Iron Fist, Iron Will

This week we’re joined by CEO Darren Wiltse. He gives us a run down of his trek through the new 52 Justice League series. Patrick goes over him finishing Rebirth Flash, and compared it to Rebirth Green Arrow. Justin gives insight to the Rebirth Teen Titans. We discuss the Justice League teasers leading up to the Justice League Trailer being released this weekend. Pat and Justin give their review of the Netflix Iron Fist series. We also start a new segment: Character Spotlight, where we spotlight a comic book character, super hero, villain, average civilian and explain a little bit about them and why they should be looked at. This week’s Character Spotlight is Daredevil. Naturally we cap off our episode with our Battle of the Gods: Iron Fist vs Red Hood. Needless to say Iron Fist won with a 2-1 over Red Hood.

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