The Minutemen EP21: Nightwing Movie Confirmed!

This week Justin and Pat fly solo again, and Pat discusses his escapades through the recent X-men and Flash comics. Justin talks about the links between Rebirth Detective Comics and Rebirth Action Comics. First thing we talk about this week is reopening last weeks topic about Matt Reeves leaving The Batman film. Well that turned out to be a hoax, and if that was then I don’t believe Ben Affleck is even considering leaving his roll. Next we discuss the recent Inhumans tv show castings. They finally confirmed a Nightwing movie and already have their Director, as well as a list of prospects to play Nightwing. Lastly we have an interesting Battle of the Gods with Captain Marvel vs Supergirl. Pat is a little biased towards Supergirl, but also doesn’t really know much about Captain Marvel, but Justin knows both, and still ended with a 2-0 for Supergirl. Now you know why our motto is  “When in doubt, bring more Kryptonians!”

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