The Minutemen EP19: I’ll Give You A Hint, Its More Batman

We’re joined by Darren this week, and he starts us out with a good spoiler free review of the Lego Batman movie, really enticed me into going to see it. Pat talks a bit and gives a review of the Justice League Rebirth vol. 1. Then we go into the Batman solo film discussion and the announcement of the new director. We then talk a bit about Warner Bros. in talks with Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2. Pat discusses a bit about recent links and unfolding’s in the CW DC shows. Darren mentions the recent Infinity War video, talking about how we want the Netflix heroes to appear in the film and help and all our prospects. Last we talk about a confirmed Supernova movie, starring Sophie Turner as Jean Grey. We cap out our episode with an intriguing Battle of the Gods with a sort of mirror match up with Deathstroke vs Deadpool. A well fought argument but Deadpool ends up winning 2-1.