The Minutemen EP16: BOOYAH!

Today we’re joined by the long haired hippy man child himself, T. Sprouse. We talk about Rebirth volumes we’ve all read and gone through. We talk about Zac Snyder confirming Superman in Justice League (duh). Jerome on a new Gotham has a striking resemblance from the Death of the Family Joker with his face skinned off and stapled back on. Looks dope in my opinion. We discuss the CW shows a bit, and the differences between the DC and the Marvel set up of all their shows. Then we talk about the confirmed plot for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Lastly we cap it off with our Battle of the Gods segment with Colossus vs Cyborg. After Patrick put up a long and well hard fought battle for Colossus, Cyborg takes the win 2-1.