Toaster crashers cover art

Toaster Crashers Part 12: Out Of Sync

Get Tyler a weird and way too expensive staff? Check. Farm some more experience? Check. Nobody tilted? Check. The Faithful four are finally ready to take on the much hated lava level in Castle Crashers. Unfortunately for us, Castle Crashers decided it didn’t want us to beat the level, again. As the Squads games go out of sync, the tilt levels start to rise. We’ll return to this Castle Crashers jank stuff next week.

This is the 12th episode of an ongoing Castle Crashers Let’s Play. All episodes are available on the playlist linked below. New episodes of us playing Castle Crashers release every Friday. At least until we beat Castle Crashers.

In some episodes there’s a hidden character. Find all the characters and order them based off episodes numbers. The first one to send us the correct code will get a free copy of Castle Crashers!

Castle Crashers Playlist