The Minutemen EP13: The End Of A Great Comic Year

Today on the final episode of the year we are joined by the living meme himself: Darren Wiltse. We first talk about the prospects of upcoming (Mostly DC) 2017 comics, and Dr. Manhattan Rebirth theories. Then talk a bit about an upcoming Legends of Tomorrow episode basically revolving around George Lucas. We mention the rumor of Ryan Reynolds appearing in Logan as Deadpool. We discuss which movies we personally called the “Best Geek Movie” of the year (Disqualifying Star Wars, because of course its going to be better than everything). And going ahead and giving our prediction for the best Geek culture movie of 2017. Lastly we close out with the last Battle of the Gods of the year with Suicide Squad vs Guardians of the Galaxy. After a long discussion we finish out with a 2-1 for Guardians.