The Minutemen EP09: Toastersquad Civil War

In today’s episode we’re joined by squadcasters Darren Wiltse and Tyler Sprouse.  First of all Patrick and Justin finally saw Doctor Strange so we got to discuss a spoiler version of the movie. Talked about the upcoming 2017 Inhumans tv series. The rumored characters for Injustice 2, and established a toastersquad civil war between Darren and Patrick. Going to host a battle royal on Injustice 2 in the future with Darren on Starfire and Patrick on Supergirl, in a best of 5 series, winner takes all!! But we don’t know what “all” would be yet. Then we talk about there being a “key scene” in the Justice League movie that will have Green Lantern, or at least a hint to one. Then Justin goes on into his Superhero Trivia game, and tries his best to “stump” everyone. Lastly we have our coveted Battle of the Gods: Gorilla Grodd vs Beast. Pat put up a good argument but we figured Grodd would win 3-1.