The Minutemen EP07: Aquaman Effing Rules

This week we are joined by squadcaster and our boss Darren Wiltse. Patrick talks about his run through the new 52 Teen Titans, and Darren his trek through the new 52 Justice League. We then talk about The Walking Dead comics and the comparison to the tv show. We kind of go ballistic about the newest Wonder Woman and all of its glory. Patrick goes on to talk about his views of The Arrow tv show, and Justin scatterbrains off topic quite a few times about other comics. Then we round it all off with our Battle of the Gods: Hawkman vs Aquaman. This weeks botg’s hit very close to home for Patrick as this was between his two favorite super heroes. So we discuss at lengths the pros and cons of each hero and we conclude a 3-0 of Aquaman over Hawkman. (Patrick is a bit biased)