Legion Arena Invitational

As the first week of Legion PVP season 1 opens, we have had our first Tournament. The Legion Invitational Arena Tournament, hosted by GCDTV and Method, has been going on these past two days. This is one of the smaller tournaments hosted on weekends, during the wait for regionals. Six Teams have joined the fight, but only 1 will win. These teams are Northern Black, Method, nasty surprise, Turtastic, SoaR, and Last Minute. Coming into this tournament, you would expect to see Northern Black face off against Method in the finals. Those two teams are simply the clear front runners. Unfortunately, that was not the case. As we jump into the matches I want to cover a couple that I believe were the best matches of the tournament.

Method vs SoaR

First up, the round 3 match of the lower bracket, which consisted of Method vs SoaR. Method is made up of Cdew, Smexxin, Snutz and Beanslayer, while SoaR is a fresh team by Avangelyne, Maim, Joxi and their “secret weapon” Inviable. This was a rematch of Round 2 upper bracket, where Method previously won 3-2. This time, the outcome was completely different. The match was a best of 7, and SoaR started 2-0 against Method with their Ret Paladin/Arms Warrior/Resto Shaman comp. This composition proved to be far superior as Method only was able to win 1 game that round. SoaR took the round 4-1 in a very disappointing show by Method. SoaR’s team was very strong and the damage output from their Ret/Arms combo seemed unstoppable. SoaR had a really well played out plan while they rotated through cooldowns. Right out of the gate, they targeted Snutz on his shadow priest and shut him down quickly. Shadow Priest isn’t showing to be a very good counter to the melee cleave high damage team so far. After the first 3 games of the match, Snutz switched to his mage and Method used the comp of Arms Warrior/Fire Mage/ Resto shaman which didn’t seem to affect the outcome of the games. SoaR’s overall damage was just too high for Cdew to heal through.

Northern Black vs SoaR

The Next Match I want to talk about is the final match between Northern Black and SoaR. After battling their way back through the bottom bracket and past fan favorite Method, SoaR faced up against powerhouse Northern Black. Northern Black is a team made of Rubcub, Wealthyman, Jax and Cmg. They brought out the Outlaw Rogue/ Fire Mage / Holy Paladin against SoaR’s Ret/Arms/Resto Shaman combo. Now, personally, going into this match I wasn’t sure Northern Black was going to have what it took to see SoaR go down. Little did I know that Outlaw Rogue would be one of the biggest counters to the melee cleave team, because of the talent Dismantle, which disarms the target for 8 seconds. This round though, Avengelyne on his Ret Paladin did not talent into Seraphim’s Blessing, which allows you to have your big damage ability Avenging Wrath up for 5 seconds if you or your teammates drop below 40%. This talent is really strong, since it causes big damage to come out, leveling the field when your health is low. Northern Gaming took a lead in the 3rd match, when they went 2-1. It seemed as if SoaR couldn’t quite counter Northern Gaming, but they did have a very strong showing at this Invitational. Northern Gaming won the Invitational 4-1, winning the first Legion Tournament to date.

If this tournament was anything to show, then the Legion Regionals (“Legionals” as people call it) will be a super exciting tournament. I hope every team shows up and plays to their full potential. The EU Regionals will be the Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd, and the NA Regionals will be the 8th and 9th of October. I’m looking forward to writing more coverage about these Major Tournaments.