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Toaster Squadcast EP3: Live Long and Prosper [Remastered]

J starts the off with some theory crafting. He wants to know why the Project M team closed. Darren moves us along with a discussion on porting games from older generations to newer ones. Tyler wraps the show up with a movie to game conversion fest.

I’d like to apologize for my inattentiveness during this episode and its abrupt ending. It’s bothered me since it was released. Inconsiderate roommates are the worst, but that’s no excuse on my part. Hopefully it isn’t too bad on your (the listener) end. -Darren

This is the original description:

This week we bring you a shorter installment than usual. J wants to know our thoughts on the Project M Dev team closing, Darren is curious about how we feel about games ported to newer consoles, and Tyler wants to talk about video game movies. Email us your questions at!